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  • Differential Rebuilds

    We rebuild and supply Sprite/midget differentials which suit a number of historic race car applications including Lotus Elite.


    We can supply the ever elusive 5.125 final drive ratio in a complete diff. This ratio bridges the gap between 4.9 and 5.3 ratios, perfect for shorter European circuits. Our reconditioned diffs come complete with new bearings and seals, brand new manufactured crown wheel and pinion and diff carrier. We are to able supply with LSD as permitted by your regulations. All our diffs are carefully engineered with the correct backlash, bearing preload, blue bed and lapped gear mesh.

    All our supplied Sprite/midget differentials are completely reconditioned using the finest quality parts available on the market. We can either supply you with a complete reconditioned differential or service yours to include our Crown Wheel and Pinions. So if you want yours servicing or a complete spare diff, give us a call on 01332 841 324 to see how we can help you or drop us an e-mail with some details at julian@whitehurstracing.com.